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Our establishment is one of the national establishments specialized in providing security guard as per the license to us from the Ministry of Interior.

Our objectives

Our objectives

provide distinct service.

Upgrade our individuals level .

Continuous improvement.

* Observe the establishment safety and property.

* Perform the guard main duties.

* Execute the permanent establishment s orders and instructions.

* Prevent any person from entering during break time unless obtaining official permit from the establishment manager.

* Execute the instructions issued by client .

* Protect life and property and maintain security and organization.

* Arrange traffic and flow and locate parking if required by client at site only , as for general roads it will be arranged by the competent authority.as for general roads it will be arranged by the competent authority.

*write reports about security remarks at site and handover

to the supervisor.

Training on important issues as :

*Method of checking individuals and vehicles.

*crime preventions means.

*safety, security and tasks in event of emergency cases and crimes control.

*security of festivals and general meetings.

*First aid and general health.

*Different communications means and early warning devices.

*Write reports and how to use permits available at site and daily Journal.

*Good and optimal use the equipments available site.

*Awareness and caution – follow suitable means of work.

*Control all fire types.